The Rooms – Northwest Indiana's 1st Real Escape Game
The Rooms

The Mystery Chamber

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Up to 8 players, $24.95 per person

You find yourselves trapped in a strange room.  You have no memory of how you got there, but it’s clear that somebody is toying with you.  Someone has created a mysterious set of clues that stand in your way of getting out of this devious chamber.  An ominous message is scrawled on the wall…

You have one hour to get out…  Save yourselves if you can

You’ll need to use your wits, discover clues, then solve your way out if you are to escape in time.

An exciting room escape with unexpected twists to test your sleuthing skills.   Book today… see if you and your friends can decipher the clues and make a thrilling escape!


You’ve been captured by an ancient Vampire and are now confined in his lair!

Trapped in his ominous dungeon, the Vampire now quietly sleeps… At sunset he’ll arise, your blood will be his feast.

Many victims have come before you. They left clues to help your plight. You must solve the riddles left behind to save you from this beast.

60 minutes before the sun will set… One hour of waning light.

You must escape before the sun goes down, you must not become his treat!

Escape your confines, Decipher the clues, Find and destroy the Vampire before he wakes!

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Up to 8 players, $29.95 per person


The Rock


There’s been an unprecedented escape from Rockton Penetentiary, aka “THE ROCK”.

An inmate, “Simple Simon Johnson”, has gone MISSING!.

Simon was categorized as a criminally deranged idiot savant. Too clever to be mentally committed, Simon was instead sentenced to hard time at the Rock. Two days ago Simon went missing…ESCAPED! Word in C-Block is that Simple Simon left mysterious clues about his escape plan.

A scheduling error has left C-Block unguarded for one hour. You too are imprisoned at the Rock. You now have 60 minutes to figure out how Simon got away before the guards come back. Can you discover how Simple Simon did it? CAN YOU ESCAPE THE ROCK?

This is a larger game. Escape the Rock holds more players than our other games and has more things to figure out. We recommend a minimum of 4 players to attempt it.

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Are you prepared for an exciting interactive adventure escape challenge? We guarantee your mind will be energized and you'll have a blast!. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and try something new. Book Your Game Today!

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