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About Us


We are excited to be the very first to bring the escape room experience to the NWI region. Escape rooms were virtually unknown when we took the plunge here in NWI. Thankfully, a lot of people have figured out that this is a Blast!

Over the last few years, we’ve learned how to create an amazing experience for our friends. We have great games, and we also have fantastic people. From the time you enter until the moment you leave, you will be our priority. Our goal is always to help our players enjoy an unforgettable adventure.

BTW… our games really are an adventure! All of our games are immersive and multi-room. Clues move from room to room and take some thinking, yet ALL of them make sense in the end. Your group must work together to find sensible clues until you find your way out. Overcoming and achieving together is one of the most rewarding and satisfying experiences in life!

There are now many escape rooms in the Chicagoland area, but not all are equal. There are cut rate deals on Groupon that may result in you being put in a single room with senseless puzzles that will endlessly frustrate you until time runs out.

At Escape Room NWI, we don’t offer games unless they are good. We don’t have any single room games, and we won’t waste your time with irritating and senselessly confusing puzzle factories. If you get stuck, our talented staff is always there to give a subtle clue. Our goal is to have the most engaging and affordable escape room games in the Chicagoland market.

We’re excited to bring this suspenseful and captivating experience to the region, and we can’t wait to see you try to escape. We promise you’ll have a blast doing it!

Playfully Yours,
Mark and Nichole, Founding Entertainment Disruptors
Escape Room NWI, LLC

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