About Us – Northwest Indiana's 1st Real Escape Game
About Us

ESCAPE ROOM NWI – Introducing the first real world escape room game in Northwest Indiana!

Escape room games are among the fastest growing new entertainment concepts in the world. They are exciting real world adventure games in which people find themselves in a room surrounded with clues. Sometimes the clues are hidden and sometimes they are in plain view. Your wits and skills are put to the test as you use elements of the room to find clues, solve ciphers, and unravel puzzles to escape. Players must funnel their heart pounding excitement into critical thinking and observation as they attempt to escape the room in less than 60 minutes!

It will take one exciting hour to play the game, but the experience and enriching memories will stick with you a lifetime!

We’re excited to bring this new suspenseful and captivating experience to the region and we can’t wait to see you try to escape our games. We promise you’ll have a blast doing it!

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Are you prepared for an exciting interactive adventure escape challenge? We guarantee your mind will be energized and you'll have a blast!. What are you waiting for? Take the plunge and try something new. Book Your Game Today!

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