faq old – Northwest Indiana's 1st Real Escape Game
faq old
1)  How do I book and pay?

Please book your game and pay online through our Book Now link or the Bookings tab. When you are on the Bookings page, first select the number of participants in your party then select the date and time.  If you are planning a larger team builder or special event that you need handled outside our normal business hours, please Email us at info@escaperoomnwi.com or call (219) 595-9197.

2)  When should I arrive?

Please allow an hour and a half for the full experience.  You need to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled start time.  Once the game starts, your team will have one hour to try to escape. We suggest planning to spend another 15 minutes after the game to debrief, celebrate your triumphs, and take photos.

3)  Am I really locked in a room?

As much as we would like to, the silly firemarshall says it’s a bad idea.  You will be able to leave through the door you entered in case of emergency, but that is not the way to escape the room.  If you retreat or give up, you sit in the corner until the rest of the team finishes… ok not really.

4)  What are the recommended ages?

The games are generally designed for people 12 years and older.  The clues and puzzles are meant to challenge participants.  Children under 12 can still play and have fun, but children need to be accompanied by an adult and we require the room to be fully booked by your party.

5)  Will other people be in the room?

Our games are designed to accommodate up to 8 players.  Booking is left open until the room is full.  If you book the full capacity for the room, you will have it to yourselves.  This is an exciting and fun group experience.  The more people, the higher the success rate.

6)  Are phones and cameras allowed?

We do not allow phones and cameras to be used inside the game.  Phones, cameras, and any items you do not wish to carry with you will be stored in a cabinet inside the room with you.  Your possessions will be in the room with you at all times.

7)  Is this scary?

No, this is not a scary experience.  It’s about teamwork, using your wits, and having a blast!

8)  Can we book a private room?

Yes, simply book the full capacity of the room and you will have it to your group alone.

9)  What should I bring to play?

Dress comfortably and bring your wits.  No special preparation is required.

10)  May I come and play alone?

Yes. Games  require a minimum of two people, so if you’re playing alone, simply select a game with an open slot that already has at least one booked.

11)  What happens if I’m late?

Please don’t be late.  If the game has other participants, it will start on schedule.  Once a game starts, other players will not be permitted in.  Late arrivals will not be refunded.  Please arrive 15 minutes early for check in and game briefing.

12)  Do I need special skills to play?

No, the game is about creative thinking, teamwork, and looking at things from a unique perspective.  The game is not physically challenging.

13) Is this a good corporate team building exercise?

YES!  This is a fantastic opportunity to work as a team.  Communication and teamwork are critical to success in the game.  Utilizing the different strengths of the group is key.  Communicating discoveries, organizing clues and working towards a common goal will result in success.  Escape Room NWI  is a superb team building exercise.

14)  Do you do special events like parties and corporate team competitions?

Yes, please contact us via email or phone (219) 595-9197 to discuss your needs.  We will try to accommodate your group.

15)  Can I change my reservations?

Our booking system is based on people showing up.  The system breaks down when groups cancel.  If you contact us 72 hours prior to the game, we can try to reschedule you to another open time slot in the future.  Please note that bookings are non-refundable.  We will try to work with you to reschedule if absolutely necessary and you give us ample notice.

* Please Note  We want everyone to have a great time with their escape room experience, but visibly intoxicated participants will not be allowed into the game.  

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